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What is Color Picker 

A color picker is an application, plugin, or another computer program that lets a user easily select as few as one or as many of the RGB's spectrum.

The primary objective of any color picker is to create a square or rectangle with lighter, darker, complementary, and analogous colors.

A wide range of programs exist for you to use today alone and can offer different features such as the ability to sample shadows, set live-updating swatches, and easy cropping. Each one will contain preset values making it quick and easy for users to experiment before saving a preferred palette.

The hexadecimal color system is a way to think of colors as combinations of 3 basic values (colors). When you have a color that cannot be described by the RGB notation, it is possible that you will have an access to the HEX.

Color Picker is a tool that helps you pick and choose certain colors, in various mediums. There are various methods that are used to pick and define different colors, but not all methods have the same result. For example, use RGB with RBG to create a purple color, then convert it to HSL by replacing the letter B (Blue) with an H. Doing this will result in a brighter blue than when using the RBG based color picker because of the negative alphabet order in HSL values.