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WHAT IS SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Since the emergence of the Internet, websites have been established and content is constantly shared within these websites. However, not every website gets the traffic and interest it expects from internet users, or it can't be found among the countless content on the internet. In this case, several processes and methods are used to make the websites stand out on the internet. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. So what is this SEO that makes websites stand out more?

SEO is the whole of the processes and methods used to make your website stand out on the internet with several methods. Its literal translation is search engine optimization. This process provides information about the current status of your website by performing various types of analysis, reviews, and reports and giving you notes or recommendations where necessary. Generally, most people know the SEO process as arranging the written content of the website so that it stands out more than the possible searches of internet users. Still, the SEO process is not just about this. Organizing the written content of the websites according to the searches is an important optimization process, but SEO is not only the editorial content optimization but also a vital process that examines the website in all its aspects on the internet. In this way, it gains more traffic and followers for the website where the SEO process is applied. Optimizations to be made to the website with SEO may vary depending on the search engine used, but the aim here is always to optimize the website in all aspects and in the ideal way to reach internet users faster.


Many people on the Internet decide to set up a website and buy their domain. However, it is very difficult for any individual who has bought his domain and set up a website to rise to the top of the search engine on his own. For this reason, many websites that have a website but cannot get the interaction and attention they want continue their existence on the internet. But this is not an impossible or difficult situation to get out of. Several methods are applied to get out of similar situations and to gain interaction, visitors, and awareness - recognition of your website. The most important of these methods is the SEO Process. Since the SEO Process plays a very important role in fulfilling the goals of a website, it is essential to use it. So what is the SEO Process that helps websites in these matters? Why is SEO Necessary? SEO Process is a must-use service that enables the website to reach a better position than its current location, for websites that have just started a new life or that do not get the attention and interaction they expect. Thanks to the SEO Process, the website is reviewed and edited for SEO. These purposes are;

  • Improving Website Speed,
  • Increasing the Number of Visitors to the Website,
  • Supporting the Website with Video and Visual Media,
  • Designing and Arranging the Website in the Most Appropriate Way for Platforms such as Phone, Tablet, Computer,
  • Optimum Level of Website Interface.

Thanks to the SEO Studies carried out in line with this and many more specific goals, your website will be in a better state than it is and will appear in front of users more. Such detailed analysis, reporting and examination processes are not methods that a person who owns the website in question can easily do and implement on his own. To get rid of such burdens and to take your website one step ahead, purchasing SEO - SEO Analysis - SEO Check services are the most basic need of an entrepreneur who owns a website, and it will be the wisest choice to meet this need.


The endless number of websites on the Internet compete with each other. These websites with a lot of different themes and ideas always try to stand out and get more user interaction. This is one of the most natural purposes of a website, but not every website can have the interaction and user traffic it wants. At this point, several processes are implemented on websites to get ahead. One of the most important of these processes is the SEO Process. SEO is the optimization process based on the search engine a website uses. Thus, the website will stand out more and reach potential users much more easily. For this reason, SEO is of great importance for websites and needs to be used. So How Is SEO Done and How Is It Used?

SEO Study is a study method that examines users in many ways, such as possible internet searches, the performance of websites, pages that users have visited before, etc., for the website to come to a better place from its current location. It is essential to have a website to implement this working method. SEO Studies can be started when a website is acquired and the processes done to bring this website to internet life are completed. SEO Studies are done in two ways. Bunkar is divided into two as On-Site and Off-Site. Now, let's explain these two types of SEO Work in detail.

Off-Page SEO Studies

Off-site SEO Studies, as the name suggests, are the studies done for the external visibility of your website. How your site will appear in a possible search result is very important for possible user interaction and traffic. Backlinks, social media promotions, and advertisements play an important role in increasing the awareness of the website in Off-Site SEO Studies. The meanings of these concepts are as follows;


A backlink is a link that any website on the internet leads to your website. The more search engines come across your website's Backlinks on other websites, the more they will trust your website and move it to the top of the rankings.

Social Media PR - Promotions

Thanks to this process, you will not only increase the recognition of your website but also gain the sympathy of social media users with the correct and correct promotions you have made. In this way, the user sympathy you will gain with the Promotions and PRs you will make on social media will increase the interaction of your website and will make these interactions in the long term.


You can maximize the recognition of your website with special video or visual advertisements that you will make for different audiences on different platforms. Good advertisements to be made during certain periods are one of the most effective efforts to gain awareness and instant visitors on websites, and therefore it is a very important step.

On-Site SEO Studies

On-site SEO Studies are SEO Studies done within the website. On-site SEO Studies are as important as Off-Site SEO Studies on a website. Because correct In-Site Work to be done means to attract a potential user to your website in a possible search. In this study, the following are mainly used;

Editing Written Content

Thanks to the Written Content Arrangements to be made with On-site SEO Tools, the possible search of the user regarding any subject will approach your website more easily and quickly. This is why it is important to properly organize the titles, descriptions, paragraphs, tags, and keywords of the written content on the subject according to users' searches.


Any URL linked to your website is your biggest trump card. The more relevant and shorter a URL, the more SEO-friendly it will be. That's why the right phrases and keywords to choose for the URL are vital.


One of the most important elements of SEO Studies for your website is the content. Your content is not correct. Accurate Content means written website content that is original, readable, and of high quality for users. Website content is written by paying attention to spelling, and proper connection of topics and titles that can attract the attention of the reader will make your website stand out.

Appropriate Website Design

A website should go through all the stages to reach the general internet user audience. Another important one among these stages is the User Interface Design of the website. A website user interface that will be arranged following all kinds of platforms, devices, and operating systems makes it easier to use on-site. An easier-to-use website can attract the attention of other visitors and earn your website in the long run.

Website Speed

The loading and opening speed of your website and website elements directly contribute to the time internet users spend on websites. For this reason, the proper establishment and software optimization of your website plays an important role in allowing users to spend time and interact on the site.

Internal Links

Internal Link Networks are hyperlinks established to transfer certain words and keywords in the written text of a website to another web page within the website. Words converted to Internal Link Networks can be found in a different color or underlined and can redirect to another page when clicked on. With the Internal Link Network Studies, you will do, you can enable internet users to easily reach a different topic from one topic on your website and increase the time and interaction they spend on the website. For this reason, Internal Link Networking is an On-Site SEO Study that will take your website one step further.

Your Written Content Media and Media Usage

Utilizing On-Site SEO Studies such as URL, Correct Content, and Editing of Content for the articles on your website will increase your visibility and traffic on the site. However, after all these processes, you need to use visual media or video so that your content, which you have edited and optimized with SEO methods, is more visible and clicked. The right media that you will add on top of your original and readable website content will allow you to make the point.


Today, the internet and the websites built on the internet are very important in many areas. Websites can have many purposes such as content sharing, promotion, advertisement, and the flow of ideas, but every website needs a specific user and interaction. Only in this way can they continue to exist on the Internet. At this point, websites resort to several methods to know how to increase the number of users, interactions, and instant traffic movements they have. SEO Analysis (Search Engine Optimization Analysis) is one of the most known and used of these methods. So what is this SEO Analysis? Why is it needed and what does it do? SEO Analysis is a very comprehensive review and reporting about a website. These Analytics are currently an analysis and optimization method used by most websites on the internet. Thanks to these analyzes and optimization methods, website owners can increase the number of active users and website traffic. Contrary to what is known, SEO Analysis (Search Engine Optimization Analysis) not only includes the keywords and searched word rates of content articles on any website on the internet, but also more broadly ' Visitors Coming to Your Website -Demographic Information of Visitors Visiting Your Website - Backlinks - Mobile Compatibility - Websites Visitors Have Viewed Before - Time Visitors Check-In To Your Website - Sitemap.xml - Robot.txt - Visitor Mobility Rates - Interaction Rates - Your Website Performance - etc. These SEO Analytics have a significant contribution to the development and growth of a website. Thanks to the analysis methods applied, information is obtained both in terms of written content and all kinds of other elements that make up a website, as we have just mentioned, and it is reported and can give you recommendations about the status of your website with a system similar to a grade, rating or score. The examination of these SEO Analysis reports and the actions applied according to the results are very important as they will provide a direct - healthy - organic increase and development for your website, and it is a process that every website owner should do in terms of institutionalization, growth, and recognition. Already, almost all website owners benefit from such SEO Analysis and SEO Tools by purchasing services.


The SEO process is very important and should be used by anyone who wants to take their website one step ahead. SEO Tools are used for making reports and reviews about the current status of the website, for coming to the forefront according to user searches, and for many other processes like these, which are frequently used on websites. In addition, it can make reports, recommendations, and ratings on the elements we mentioned earlier. These ratings are important because they tell you what the current status of your website is. These ratings are usually done as a scoring system and this scoring system is called SEO Score. So what exactly is an SEO Score? What does SEO Score do and how is it calculated? SEO Score is a rating given for evaluation as a result of the review and optimization processes of a website on various subjects (the movements of visitors on the website, different websites they have visited before, the keywords they use while searching, and many more). The purpose of the SEO Score is to inform you about the current status of your website with the score it gives as a result of the reviews. With this rating system, you can understand whether the status of the website is good, medium, or bad. This SEO Scoring system is not a manually calculated rating system. The scoring system is just a rating system specific to that SEO Tool used. For this reason, it will be impossible for you to understand the state of your website's optimization and to rate its status. However, this rating system we are talking about does not have to be in the form of points only. Not every SEO Tool makes the rating system in the form of scoring anyway. Some SEO Tools have different types of rating systems. These systems may convey the situation with color or with some visual images. In addition, these different rating systems may not be equivalent to the rating systems of other SEO Tools. The review score of any SEO Tool may not be the same as another SEO Tool's review for the same website. Therefore, the SEO Score should only be evaluated and used within the SEO Tool used.


SEO Studies are a set of detailed and quite comprehensive studies done to improve a website from its current position. For this reason, SEO Studies is an optimization method that every website should apply. However, these methods are not always perfect and may not be done as they should be. Problems such as unsuitable text for SEO, fast-loading - bad-looking or poorly optimized interfaces, and dead links are common problems on a website that is not properly SEO-helped. This is a normal and fixable situation, but for a website on the internet to gain more attention and interaction, some elements need to be eliminated and regularly checked and paid attention to. Otherwise, the website will receive few visitors and interactions, which is undesirable. Paying attention to factors such as the condition of the website you have, its stability, and whether it has any shortcomings are some of them. SEO Check or SEO Check will be your best friend to get information about whether your website's SEO status is good or bad. So what is the SEO Check or SEO Check process we just mentioned and why is the SEO Check Process necessary?

Why is the SEO Check Process Necessary?

SEO Check Process is a method used to learn the SEO status of your website. Thanks to this method, you can learn the SEO status of your website, its deficiencies, errors, and more. Knowing such details is vital for a website. Because a website that cannot fix and detect its problems is just a dead page on the internet. Therefore, implementing and using the SEO Check Process is very useful and useful for a website. We have explained more than once that the SEO Check Process is necessary and important, but how is this process done? Let's explain this now.

How to Do SEO Check Process?

SEO Check Process is done by checking two types of SEO Operations and detecting and optimizing the SEO errors, deficiencies and problems found. These two types of SEO are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. In On-site SEO Process, the interface of the website, the speed of the URLs linked to the website and the interface, the authenticity of the content on the website, the readability, and spelling of the content are some of them. In Off-site SEO Process, some of these are whether the links work smoothly and the advertisements are suitable and hassle-free.


SEO Processes made to make websites appear faster and easier for users, are very important for us, and take us one step ahead of other websites with the information they provide. Thanks to another SEO and SEO Analysis - Check Service you will buy, your website will definitely and organically increase. Therefore, the information provided by such SEO services is very important for the survival of a website. So what kind of information can be obtained from the SEO Analysis for our website? What is the Use of Information Obtained from SEO Analysis? Website owners usually get a set of SEO - SEO Analysis - SEO Check processes for their websites. You will get some reports as a result of extensive operations and reviews, and these reports contain the results of SEO Operations for your website. The information contained in these results is important to the future of your website. The information obtained as a result of the analyzes are as follows;

  • Current Status of Your Website,
  • Number of Visitors to Your Website ,
  • Optimization Status and Speed ​​of Your Website ,
  • Compatibility with Mobile Platforms and Different Device Interfaces ,
  • Interface Speed ​​and Optimization ,
  • Your Website Performance ,
  • Engagement Rates,
  • Average Check-in - Check-out Hours ,
  • Websites Visitors Visited Your Website Before.

The information you will receive as a result of the SEO Studies and processes, this and many more details will be very thin and comprehensive. The accuracy of this information ensures that the optimizations you make for your website are accurate. Accurate optimization of the website means reaching SEO goals faster.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About SEO

WHAT IS SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? - BRIEFLY

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an optimization and study that examines, reports, and advises users, users, possible internet searches, website performance, and many other similar topics depending on the search engine used (Google, Yandex, etc.). is a set of methods.

What is SEO Analysis Tool?

SEO Analyzer is a free tool that analyzes your site according to SEO criteria and sees your mistakes. The tool is easy to use and does not require any registration or login. It is an advanced SEO analysis tool that can be used by everyone, from beginners to experts. The SEO Analysis Tool will help you identify problems on your site and provide solutions to those problems. It will also give you suggestions on how you can improve your site's ranking in search engines.

How to Use SEO Analysis Tool?

To use the SeoDio Website Analysis tool, it will be sufficient to add your URL to the Type your website address section. On the site, you can analyze both the desktop and mobile versions, as well as download them as PDFs. Don't forget to enter the security code as well.

What the SEO Analysis Tool Checks

It checks keyword density, Page Title, Page URL, Meta Description, H1 Tags, and also all errors that occur on your website.

What are the Benefits of the Analysis Tool?

The analysis tool is a powerful resource that can help you better understand your Website's criteria. It helps you to optimize your site in the right direction by being aware of your content's performance, speed rate, and errors.

Can I Check the SEO Analysis tool in Different Languages?

Absolutely Yes, you can check in more than 20 different languages by checking the analysis and downloading it as a PDF file. Here are some languages ​​you can use: Arabic, Turkish, French, Spanish, Hindu, Italian , Russian And Many Languages ​​Are Available.

Is SEO Analysis Tool Paid?

It's 100% Free! You can scan for as many websites as you want and download them as PDF files.